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We are passionate about to making social media FUN! And 333 SOCIAL MEDIA wants to help you understand how to use social media marketing tactics to get leads (AKA ‘Social Selling’)! Regardless of your industry, we have proven social media tactics that are designed to get results. Crystal Lindsey can connect with people from any background. She makes social media both FUN & EFFECTIVE! We are sure to keep your group entertained, engaged, and wanting even more...


After a decade of public speaking to help underserved youth access higher education, I am THRILLED to speak on behalf of 333 SOCIAL MEDIA. The 10 years I spent designing all of the education and employment workshops for Contra Costa County Independent Living Skills Program (ILSP), and hosting events of 100-300 people, has prepared me to work with audiences and make them laugh while they are learning. I thrive off of audience participation and I focus on finding creative (and often interactive) ways to reinforce the learning outcomes. Now I have been honored to speak about social media marketing to entrepreneurs and executives from Fortune 500 companies such as, LinkedIn, Oracle, Intel, Google, Clorox, Wal-Mart, and many more!

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What is the new way to connect with Customers - Crystal Lindsey President 333 Social Media explains

Nov 21, 2016

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Crystal Lindsey, MBA is an industry leading social media expert, graduate professor, Fortune 500 professional public speaker, and entrepreneur. Crystal established where she leverages her expertise as president and social media manager of her company...

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333 SOCIAL MEDIA is a full service social media marketing agency located in San Diego, CA that empowers entrepreneurs to increase sales using 'social selling' on social media...


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